My name is Bianca Tolentino. I grew up in the Bay Area in NorCal (Northern California). I graduated in 2013 from The Academy Art University in San Francisco with a BFA in Graphic Design. I moved to Orange County the following year to pursue a career in the fashion industry. After 7 years, I moved back to the Bay Area.

With my Graphic Design background and the mentoring of a few amazing colleagues/friends over the course of these past 7 years, I was able to learn and evolve into an Apparel Designer and Product Developer. 

I also have a huge passion and respect for film photography and often document behind the scenes during photoshoots. I also shoot film during my free time, such as the weekends and holidays and love to scan, organize and store my own negatives.


My Work

I learned how to work well with a tight-knit team, building everything from start to finish. Translating a collective idea into something tangible.

Few of my tasks involved: 
[ Building concepts, ideas, creating mood-boards, color-boards, style-boards, development, cad-designs, fashion design, graphic design, technical design, techpacks, trims and fabrication, proto samples, salesmen samples, pricing, fittings, specs, production, styling, photoshoots, etc. ]

I attended bi-annual trips to overseas to search through the fabric markets to find fabrications and trims for current and future collections. I also spent time at multiple factories to work face to face with their teams to come up with solutions on any development issues.

I have worked as the main point of contact for communication with overseas factories in regards to product development and production.

I’ve been part of a team that has collaborated with many well-known brands such as Brooks, Saucony, K-Way, RealTree, WWE, MTV, NBA, NBA2K, Playstation. A few collaborations have been showcased at ComplexCon and Playstation Experience.



Please direct all inquiries via email here.

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