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Academy of Art - Print Design 1

Zombie Survival

▲ [ PROBLEM ] Z-Virus outbreak has hit the streets, these zombie monsters are everywhere. In order to help the world beat the epidemic, I must create a three-part series of Pantone Posters. The posters are titled Z-Virus, Survive, and Target.

▲ [ RESEARCH ] My information is based on a variety of popular movies, shows, video games and books. I formulated my own ideas and opinions on what would be best and appropriate. “The Walking Dead” is a TV Show which offers a lot of information on transformation, cause, brain functions, weapons, targets, etc. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is video game where I can pull inspiration and specs on weapons: damage, accuracy, range. The book in particular that I based much of my information on the Z-Virus is “So Now You’re a Zombie A Handbook for the Newly Undead” by John Austin.

▲ [ PANTONE POSTER SERIES ] The Ultimate Zombies Survival Guide. “Z-Virus” would explain the transformation of a human to zombie and what can cause this change (being scratched, bit, symptoms, etc.) “Survive” is the zombie survival kit that would showcase various weapons (damage, range, accuracy, etc.) and essential items needed to survive this apocalypse. Lastly, “Target” would show the most effective target areas when aiming at a zombie. The poster style resembles a diagram/infographic feel. 

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