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Academy of Art - Package Design 3

Dissection of a Klock

▲ [ PROBLEM ] This monster’s other half is exposed! It looks like someone has dissected him right down the middle! The only way to defeat him is by creating a new brand image, packaging structure and graphics for a wall or desk clock. Along with the graphics, I must take on the responsibility of coming up with a unique clock product design.

▲ [ INSPIRATION ] The clock and packaging design are inspired by Brian Donnelly’s toy design. Brian Donnelly is also known as the artist KAWS. Brian Donnelly started as a graffiti artist. His art varies from paintings, sculptures, vinyl toys, clothing, accessories, bags, watches. The toy in particular that I was truly inspired by was his Dissected Companion. I decided to deconstruct his toy design to create a clock.

▲ [ CLOCK CONCEPT ] Instead of just making a clock exactly resemble the toy, I decided to dissect the clock itself. Half being what we see on the outside, and the other half exploiting the gears and mechanisms. To stay true to the parent company, I kept the product design simple, Muji-inspired, and colorful.

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