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Academy of Art - Package Design 4 

Changing the Face of a Dollar Store

▲ [ PROBLEM ] This monster doesn’t have a lot to spend, and he’s quite frustrated with his limited funds. In order to help him I think I have to call the A-TEAM for backup. Together we could help this monster by creating an affordable dollar store that is simple and innovative with packaging that utilizes cheap materials, but creates a warm inviting presence that gives the customer complete confidence in the product.

▲ [ RESEARCH ] The dollar store sector is entering its third year of explosive growth and most chains are considering everything from in-line space at shopping centers to more and more freestanding locations. Investors who have struggled to find available drug stores or fast food chains are looking to dollar stores to fill that void. It is estimated that a potential of over 2,000 new dollar stores in 2013 will be opening, this will account for a minimum of 15 million square feet of occupancy growth. It’s not just the lower class going to the dollar store anymore. Dollar General, which just announced plans to open 625 stores this year, noted recently that its fastest growing customer segment is shoppers who earn more than $70,000 a year. Dollar Tree was called out by Kantar Retail as one of the country’s fast-growing retailers in a December report.

▲ [ OUR IDEA ] Our store is called, Change for a Dollar, or just Change for short. The word change refers to both coin change as well as it being a change to what people think about dollar stores. Our design will be based on simple, innovative, packaging that utilizes cheap materials, but creates a warm inviting presence that gives you confidence in the product. We feel that there is a lack of “good design” currently in the dollar store sector. We feel that this is a great opportunity to show what a cohesive, modern, and well thought out, dollar store concept could look like.

[ A-TEAM ]

Bianca Tolentino
Cory Uehara
Nicole Nakaso
Ernesto Gonzales
Chris Denny

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