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Trash to Toys

▲ [ PROBLEM ] This monster likes to scare children. In order to change this monster for the better, I need to create an informational brochure and a series of posters that will promote Arvind Gupta’s TED Conference about trash to toys.

▲ [ BACKGROUND ] “Teachers who have been teaching science for donkey years, they just muck up the definition and they spit it out. When teachers make it, children make it. You can see a gleam in their eye. They get a thrill of what science is all about. And this science is not a rich man’s game. In a democratic country, science must reach to our most oppressed, to the most marginalized children. This program started with 16 schools and spread to 1,500 government schools. Over 100,000 children learn science this way. And we’re just trying to see possibilities.” After watching a few TED Conferences, I was definitely moved by Arvind Gupta’s “Trash to Toys”. Gupta spoke about creative ways to transform ordinary items into toys for learning.

▲ [ UPCYCLING ] The brochure is a guidebook “Upcycling Trash to Toys” filled with step by step diagrams, quotes from Gupta, and information about other similar upcycling programs available. The posters highlight the top three upcycling projects. The project is a combination of learning, upcycling, and fun for children and adults.

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