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Academy of Art - Typography 4

The Ant Phenomenon

▲ [ PROBLEM ] This monster has a united front, it lives underground and marches with its army of phenomenal ants. To overcome this monster and its troops, I need to design a Typeface Promotion for United by House Industries. The project includes: a Promotional Book and Type Specimen Book that will go together inside a slipcase. Other deliverables are a 24 x 26 in. Poster, along with a Type Foundry Website.

▲ [ CONCEPT ] Based off of the name “United” and its enormous family of 105, the type designer Tal Leming wanted to leave the designer to “never wanting more”. With that said, I thought about ants, their society and their architecture. Ants utilize their environment and surroundings without any sort of schooling and still manage to efficiently work together. The entire project will strictly use different styles from a single typefaces to portray this concept of utilizing its environment and all of its surroundings.

▲ [ GAME PLAN ] The book will contrast tiny type and big type to give the feeling of how little ants in this big world are capable of producing something amazing and phenomenal. The imagery will be line work. In order to get a better understanding of the hidden phenomenon of ants, this book starts off through the social structure and will take you through anatomy, pheromones, colonies, and the ant hill.

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